Fish out of water it’s a fascinating image I was drown to first. It came about when I was on my own in the studio, stuck, no inspiration for a movement and I put a camera on and started to move freely, improvised to see what happens. When I watched it back some of the movements looked like fish out of water flapping around.


This is how it all started from a non-expected movement quality, which reminded me, fish out of water. I stuck with this idea, as it was very striking image and lots of metaphor in the context. 

Fish out of water because even if it is quite negative image of dying fish on the literal way, I see the meaning of the phrase quite positive.


Being different and unique and maybe I want change that phrase to be seen as positive and have fun with it and change people perspective and think of it like fish outside of their surroundings, maybe adapt and learn how to breath in the land and be again the shiny fish and unique in the space and embrace it.