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aLove Story

aLove Story

Choreography: Michaela Cisarikova

Dance Artists: Cecilia Berghal, Natalie Watson, Nick Herman, Rikkai Scott

Spoken Word written and performed: Malin Smedhagen

Rehearsal Director: Luigi Ambrosio, Malin Smedhagen

aLove Story

takes you on a journey we can all relate to. In a digital age, this piece explores the attachment love can bring.

Are we more devoted to gadgets than our loved ones, seeking positive reinforcement and emotional attachment from our phones in place of other human beings?

The Emerge Festival 8th of November - 12th of November 2016

Performers: Natalie Watson and Nick Herman/Rikkai Scott

Produced by C-12 Dance Theatre The Emerge Festival shines a spotlight on emerging dance and physical theatre work, all created by choreographers and theatre makers from a rich mix of experience. Over the first week of the festival, there was five brand new premieres. The first week showcased new works from FDT - Friction Dance Theatre Konstantina Skalionta Dance MCDC - Michaela Cisarikova Dance CompanyInfinite You by Infinite Project choreographers Sabrina Gargano and Verena Schneider and Misa Koide

MCDC Night - 16th of December 2016


Performers: Natalie Watson and Rikkai Scott

To celebrate what a fantastic year 2016 has been we were hosting MCDC Night! We curated and produced MCDC night to share the drive of MCDC artists and our collaborators. 

Performed at The Longfield Hall.

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