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a collaboration between Artist Jyll Bradley, Dance Artist/Choreographer Michaela Cisariková and Videographer Dan Martin.

'Lean/In' celebrates the potential of space, sun and human energy. The film centres round 'Dutch/Light' a sculpture whose form derives from Bradley's childhood greenhouse, a frame-work of transparency, light and creative growth. Filmed between lockdowns, Cisarikova's dance draws from this space to explore how a structure we inhabit informs who we become. We hope this film brings a blast of sunshine into difficult times.

Music 'Heaven or Las Vegas' by Cocteau Twins.


Enola Ton 


Collaboration with The New Style Pictures & Peter Wolf.

More information is hidden in the video and the title. Can you solve the puzzle?


DOP: Peter Wolf 

Dance Artist: Michaela Cisarikova




Official music video for 'Maniac' by MOR9H.


DOP: Oliver Newman. Choreography: Michaela Cisarikova & MCDC. Dance Artists: Jumar Aben, Jodie Bray, Anna Guzak, Katie Boag, Michaela Cisarikova. Costume Designer: Rane Jiang. Editor: Timothy Ward. Steadicam: Rory Tilford.

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AURORA - Through The Eyes Of A Child (Remix by Toffi)


is an artistic project produced by the production company London Focus Production and MCDC.
The song "Through The Eyes Of A Child" is originally a composition of Norwegian artist Aurora, this version is a remix produced by beatmaker and French music producer Toffi.

The music video has been produced by French filmmaker Paul Higginson in collaboration with choreographers and dancers Michaela Cisarikova and Paulina Smatlakova and English filmmaker Bobby Giggz.

Published on 14.08.2017


MCDC was commissioned by Malin Smedhagen to work on the project. Thursday is a dance film that explores the physical and psychological abuse endured by those suffering domestic violence.

Concept & Script: Malin Smedhagen                                       Choreographer: Michaela Cisariková
Dance Artists: Cecilia Berghäll & Nick Herman
Director & D.O.P: Malin Smedhagen

Published 07.07.2016



It is a choreographic interpretation of themes from ancient cultures and civilizations. Set in a post-apocalyptic time when resources are scarce and human interaction is reduced to its most form. Take what you can and kill or be killed. Reduced to its most basic form.


Director and edit: Bobby Giggz




Published: 23.03.2016 London

PLASIX - Dance For Camera


Filmed in a site-specific environment released in September 2015. Weeks of research and development exploring the concept of the "One Move Show" led to a dance performance generated entirely from the one move; the six step (Breaking vocabulary). This concept was explored and later on developed into the One Move Technquie.  


DOP and edit: Mira Abad




Published: 09.10.2015 London



M. Cisarikova was commissioned by Malin Smedhagen to choreograph and star in Mahdi.


Wants to take the audience on the emotional and uncomfortable journey of a female refugee. Set in an abstract setting of black and white and stripped from any recognisable context, the film focuses on the internal journey of a mother who is trying to keep her child safe. Anxiety, motherhood, a dream of a better life, confusion and the fragility and innocence of a child are explored in “Mahdi”. A film about human emotions without borders. 

Director, DOP and edit: Malin Smedhagen

Published: 19.01.2016 Sweden

Quand C'est?


M. Cisarikova was commissioned by Malin Smedhagen to choreograph and perform in Quand C'est?


Attempts to explore the psychological side of cancer. How does it affect us mentally and how does that relate to our body. How does certain feelings, while dealing with the disease, influence how our body moves and reacts? 

Director and DOP: Malin Smedhagen
Editing and Grading: Malin Smedhagen
Dancer and Choreographer: Michaela Cisariková

Published: 07.01.2015 London

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