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Fish Out of Water 

Fish Out of Water is a fresh, family-friendly outdoor dance performance using hip hop, interactive sculptures & responsive music to explore themes of belonging, otherness & migrancy. 

Fish Out of Water is the latest touring performance from MCDC Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company, known for bold visuals and her signature hip hop and contemporary dance style. Fish Out of Water is Co-commissioned by Applause and The Marlowe, with support of SELEP Ltd as a part of Catalyst For Culture and supported by Arts Council England.


#MISSING LIVE THEATRE - Dancing Through Tape


The Longfield Hall has been wrapped in bright pink barrier tape reading “Missing Live Theatre”, as it remains closed due to the coronavirus crisis.


Theatre buildings around the country are being wrapped in these colourful messages of hope as part of a project by stage designers group Scene Change.


Michaela Cisarikova & Anna Guzak improvise through the tape, spreading burst of energy with live audience outside of The Longfield Hall.

The Longfield Hall, London 24th of July 2020

Paranoid About Our Origins


Dancers from other dimensions showcase how to party in 3031. They arriving to Green/Light to celebrate their differences and represent their nations by gathering together, dancing and socialising at the ball-inspired party. Characters finding basic human interaction and connections between themselves and the audience. Will you join them?


Art Installation: 'Green/Light (For M.R.)' by Jyll Bradley

Costumes: Rane Jiang

Music: Ross Allchurch

Camera/Editor: Daniel Martin


Paranoid About Our Origins at Green/Light (For M.R.) commissioned by Jim Jam Arts as part of  The Folkestone Living Advent Calendar 2019 

Street Dance Colour Jam

Junction Dance and MCDC - Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company brightened up Broad Street with a colourful explosion of urban and contemporary dance! Set to a cut and paste mash up soundtrack, dancers improvise with paint and colour on a giant canvas.

Dance artists: Michaela Cisariková Robert Suchy Lewis Cooke


Produced by Danielle Corbishley for Junction Dance.


Funded by Reading CIC as part of the Arena Programme.

Premiered 11.10. 2018 at Broad Street, Reading

Leaf No Trace


Outdoor dance performance which brightens up your street with a colourful autumn explosion of urban and contemporary dance.

Concept: Michaela Cisarikova

Created and performed by Jumar Aben, Robert Suchy and Anna Guzag

Premiered 17.10.2018 at IQL Stratford, London


A truly original concept. A daring interactive performance which relies on the creativity of the audience to shape and mould the direction of the piece, creating unique outcomes with each performance. What will happen this time?

This outdoor work has been commissioned and performed at Reading High Street by Junction Dance, Lilford Gallery by JimJam Arts and Natalie Su Company as part of Beyond Boundaries at The Broadway Theatre.

Premiered 05.11.2016 at Broad Street, Reading

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